Club Naija Supper Club

At Club Tropicana the drinks might be free, but at Club Naija it's all about the food!

Lola created Club Naija to bring Nigerian food to the masses. She cooks what her mother made her – simple, honest food like jollof rice, corned beef stew and bread, pounded yam and vegetable stew – but twists and modernises them, transforming that jollof rice into crispy grilled onigiri, corned beef stew into a Yoruba take on a katsu sando, and that pounded yam into crispy dumplings with broth. Serving small plates, she allows those who have never experienced the joys of Nigerian food to taste the breadth of variety we have.  

Hosting in a number of venues, Club Naija traces Lola's Nigerian roots 
as she shares the history behind each dish with her guests, sharing her upbringing
and guiding them through the dining experience.


At Club Naija, you will experience the colours, warmth and spice of the Yoruba tribe
through a communal feast of tasting plates to the sound of afrobeats, naija pop and African rhythms. Expect refreshing, l
ively, feel-good African vibes for a no-nonsense, fuss-free dinner party that'll take you from London to Lagos in one bite! 

"This was my first time attending a supper club and I loved it!
It was really great to meet other people in the area, brought together
by amazing food. The attention to detail was amazing,
with Nigerian art and table decorations. Best of all was the food – 
I am going to be thinking about those dumplings for years to come!"

Club Naija on film